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dimanche 22 août 2010


Sombrero 1 [Side A] (45:00)
A1.a P. Lion - Happy Children
A1.b Flexy Ball* - Love Theme From...
A1.c Sheik Sphere - Deep Freeze
A1.d Big Ben Tribe - Heroes
A1.e Paul Sharada - Move Your Feet
A1.f Dr. Cat* - Feel The Drive
A1.g Danny Keith - Love Me Again
A1.h Time - Shaker Shake
A1.i Boris Parker - Thinkin Of You (Ha-uhu - Uhu-Ha-Ha)
A1.j Mike Cannon - Voice In The Dark
A1.k Cyber People - Polaris
A1.l P.J. Marcus - L.A. Woman
A1.m Sky Creakers - You Should Be Dancing
A1.n Baby's Gang - Happy Song
A1.o Carrara - Disco King
A1.p Texas Johnny - Superman
A1.q Lovables - It's Beautiful
A1.r Joe Yellow - Lover To Lover
A1.s Digital Game - I'm Your Boogie Man
A1.t Digital Emotion - Get Up Action

Sombrero 1 [Side B] (45:00)
A2.a Martinelli - Voice In The Dark
A2.b Mirage (25) - Woman
A2.c Fun Fun - Happy Station
A2.d Koto - Japanese War Game
A2.e Iudy - The Island Of The Sun
A2.f Diego (2) - Walk In The Night
A2.g Casablanca (4) - Wonderful Train
A2.h Maquillage - Medley: Odyssey - Dance Hall Days
A2.i Little Jack Jingle - Toledo Girl
A2.j Control D - Vision In The Mirror
A2.k Duke Lake - Do You
A2.l B.B. & Band - Hold Me Tight
A2.m S.P. Clan - Get Down (On Love)
A2.n Den Harrow - A Taste Of Love
A2.o Digital Emotion - Don't Stop
A2.p Brand Image - Are You Lovin
A2.q Jock Hattle - Crazy Family
A2.r Dharma (3) - Plastic Doll
A2.s Klapto - Mister Game
A2.t Hipnosis - Bormaz

Sombrero 2 [Side A] (44:30)
B1.a Savage - Don't Cry Tonight
B1.b Saxophone - Souvenir
B1.c Gang (3) - K.K.K.
B1.d Koto - Chinese Revenge
B1.e Gaznevada - I.C. Love Affair
B1.f Maskio (2) - Dear Sir...
B1.g Loopside - Starman
B1.h Malcom And The Bad Girls - Shoot Me
B1.i Video - Somebody
B1.j Samoa Park - Monkey Latino (Medley Monkey Chop With Paris Latino)
B1.k Patricia Harris - Heaven Is... (In The Back Seat Of My Cadillac)
B1.l Marcel Fobert & Folie Club - Rapfolie
B1.m Mr. Flagio - Take A Chance
B1.n Mr. Rocambole - I've Got Your Soul
B1.o Stylóo - Pretty Face
B1.p B.B. Band* - All Night Long
B1.q Stelee-up - Waiting For You
B1.r Sphinx (2) - Collision
B1.s Digital Emotion - Go Go Yellow Screen
B1.t Breakout Crew* - Breakout Theme

Sombrero 2 [Side B] (44:30)
B2.a Gary Low - You Are A Danger
B2.b Joe Maran - Give Me A Break
B2.c Rando's* - Rainy Day
B2.d J.D. Jaber - Don't Stop Lovin'
B2.e Scotch - Penguins' Invasion
B2.f Doctor's Cat - Watch Out!
B2.g Gee Rampley - Radio Style
B2.h Klein & M.B.O. - Dirty Talk
B2.i Ris - Love-N-Music
B2.j B.B. Band* - That Special Magic
B2.k D.F. & Pam - On The Beat
B2.l Den Harrow - To Meet Me
B2.m Dan Eller - Carillon
B2.n Helicon - You ... See
B2.o Europe (4) - Unisexappeal
B2.p RYN'O - Gigolo
B2.q Anthony & Rose - Love Is Everywhere ( Medley With: Love Is In The Air - Lay Love On You - Standing In The Rain)
B2.r Carol Kane - I Don't Believe
B2.s Wish Key - Orient Express
B2.t Kamillo - Buenas Noches

Sombrero 3 [Side A] (44:19)
C1.a Imagination - Just In Illusion
C1.b Imagination - So Good So Right
C1.c Imagination - Body Talk
C1.d Cruisin' Gang - Affair A Gogo
C1.e Samoa Park - Tabular Affair
C1.f John Carpenter - The End
C1.g Steel Mind - Bad Passion
C1.h Black Angel* - Change An Angel
C1.i Advance - Take Me To The Top
C1.j Club House - Do It Again (Medley With Billie Jean)
C1.k Casco - Cybernetic Love
C1.l Bo Boss - Tequila
C1.m Easy Going - Baby I Love You
C1.n Dust Man - King Of The Ghetto
C1.o Capricorn (3) - I Need Love
C1.p Koxo - Step By Step
C1.q Phaex* - Talk About
C1.r Kano - Baby Not Tonight
C1.s Chris Rea - I Can Hear Your Heartbeat
C1.t Moonbase - Waiting For A Train

Sombrero 3 [Side B] (44:35)
C2.a Ryan Paris - Dolce Vita
C2.b Vivien Vee - Give Me A Break
C2.c Fake - Donna Rouge
C2.d Phil Grant - Hey Girl
C2.e Marx & Spencer - Stay
C2.f Brenda Howens - What A Feeling
C2.g Green Lights - Every Breath You Take Medley With Moonlight Shadow
C2.h Maquillage - Medley: Odyssey - Dance Hall Days
C2.i Beautiful Ballet - Energy
C2.j Kasso - Kasso
C2.k Angie - Clouds
C2.l Shirley Ross (2) - If You Leave Me Now
C2.m B.W.H. - Stop
C2.n Bi & Co - How Do You Love
C2.o Vin Zee - Funky Bebop
C2.p Jimmy Ross - First True Love Affair
C2.q Creatures, The (2) - Machine Drama
C2.r Kano - Don't Try To Stop Me
C2.s Leader Band - You're My Everything
C2.t Manuel - Tango

Dj Mix [Mixed By] - Enrico Monizza
Producer - Roberto Fusar Poli

A1.c and A1.k artist and title are erroneously reversed on tracklisting.

One of the rarest mixes in existense of released product. This mix was released only on cassette tapes (3 tapes) 6 mixes, 45 min long each.

3 x Cassette, Limited Edition, Mixed, Compilation
Electronic, Funk / Soul
Italo-Disco, Disco

thank's corrado

The Twilight Zone Mix / Corrosion Mix

A The Twilight Zone Mix
B Corrosion Mix

Dj Mix [Mixed By] - Hurby & Check

For D.J.'s only

Various Prince songs mixed together

Vinyl, 12", Mixed, Unofficial Release
Electronic, Funk / Soul, Pop
Synth-pop, Disco

thank's corrado