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dimanche 18 octobre 2009

hot traks label

Hot Tracks
DJ USE ONLY Promotional label, not to be confused with Hot Tracks (Sony Music France)
Hot Tracks is a DJ-only subscription/remix service originating in San Francisco, CA (USA) in 1982, later moving operations to Tulsa, OK (USA).
Releases are pressed in limited quantities and feature mixes of Top 40, Hi-NRG, House, Urban, Disco and Euro tracks. Issues were originally released on single 12" but soon appeared on double 12" and later triple 12" vinyl sets. The first "Best Of" CD's were released in 1988, and monthly CD's began in 1991 and replaced the vinyl sets completely in 2000.

dance a thron

1 Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax
2 Unknown Artist - Untitled
3 Alexander Robotnick - Problèmes D'Amour
4 Unknown Artist - Untitled
5 Unknown Artist - Untitled
6 Fun Fun - Give Me Your Love
7 Unknown Artist - Untitled
8 Digital Emotion - Get Up Action
9 Unknown Artist - Untitled
10 Traks - Get Ready
11 Unknown Artist - Untitled
12 Unknown Artist - Untitled
13 Fun Fun - Living In Japan
14 Yvonne Kay - Rise Up For My Love
15 Unknown Artist - Untitled

Vinyl, 12", Single Sided, Mixed, Unofficial Release
Funk / Soul

dragon fire by lex

Mixed By - Lex*
A.1 Leon Haywood - If You're Looking For A Night Of Fun
A.2 Herbie Hancock - Tell Everybody
A.3 Poussez - Boogie With Me
A.4 Gino Soccio - Dancer
A.5 T-Connection - At Midnight
A.6 Brothers Johnson - Stomp
A.7 Unknown Artist - Untitled
A.8 Foxy - Party Boys
A.9 Unknown Artist - Untitled
A.10 Patrick Juvet - Lady Night
A.11 Lipps, Inc. - Funky Town
A.12 Unknown Artist - Untitled
A.13 Giorgio Moroder - Untitled
A.14 Easy Going - Fear
A.15 Revanche - New York City
A.16 Suzi Lane - Harmony
A.17 Noel (2) - Is There More Than Life Than Dancing?
A.18 Carrie Lucas - Dance With You
A.19 Rudy - Just Take My Body
A.20 Barbara Markay - It's All Rite To Fuck All Nite
A.21 Erotic Drum Band - Plug Me To Death
AA Front Page - Love Insurance (Remix) 8:34
Remix - Lex*

anneé 1985

black wax medley

Black Wax
Early 1990s bootleg remix label which put out remixes and megamixes of music covering everything from '50s to '90s music. Many of the single artist remixes have new production under them making them very unique.

paul sabu mix

Vinyl, 12", Unofficial Release