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vendredi 20 août 2010

Bits & Pieces (Disco 79 - Special Disco Mixer)

A1a Skyy - The Groove Is Bad (Intro)
A1b M (2) - Pop Muzik
A1c Charanga 76 - No Nos Pararan
A1d Unknown Artist - Untitled
A1e Love De Luxe - Here Comes That Sound Again
A1f McFadden & Whitehead - Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now
A1g Domenic Troiano - We All Need Love
A1h Donna Summer - Hot Stuff
A1i Hamilton Bohannon - The Groove Machine
A1j Unknown Artist - Untitled
A1k Martin Circus - Disco Circus
A1l Denise LaSalle - Freedom To Express Yourself
A1m Donna Summer - Bad Girls

A2a Cerrone - Rock Me
A2b Suzi Lane - Harmony
A2c Kiss - I Was Made For Lovin' You
A2d Sparks - Beat The Clock
A2e 'Lectric Funk - Shangaied
A2f Debbie Jacobs - Don't You Want My Love
A2g Ferrara - Love Attack
A2h Ring, The - Savage Lover
A2i Donna Summer - Sunset People
A2j Rosebud - Have A Cigar
A2k Freddie James - Get Up And Boogie
A2l Kat Mandu - The Break
A2m Unknown Artist - Untitled

B1a Rockets - Electric Delight
B1b Uranium (3) - Eleanor Rigby
B1c Beatles, The - Eleanor Rigby
B1d B-52's, The - Planet Claire
B1e Knack, The (3) - My Sharona
B1f Lene Lovich - Lucky Number
B1g B-52's, The - Rock Lobster

Two sides with 3 different Disco Medleys.

Side A Contains 2 Disco Medleys.
The first Disco Medley is based on the song of: "M (2) - Pop Muzik"

Side B Contains 1 Disco Medley.

This record is a Canadian Production and has scratched on the vinyl this catalog number: FM 741,and it contains the same Disco Medleys of: "Bits & Pieces (Disco 80 - Special Disco Mixer)";Canadian Copy.

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