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dimanche 7 mars 2010

Soft Pack

A1a Empress - Dying To Be Dancin'
A1b Rufus - Tonight We Love
A1c Empress - Dying To Be Dancin'
A1d General Caine - Get Down Attack
A1e Rufus - Tonight We Love
A1f General Caine - Jungle Love
A1g Sweat Band - Hyper Space
A1h Stephanie Mills - Sweet Sensation
A1i Wanda Williams - Soap Opera Lover
A1j Unknown Artist - Untitled
A1k Free Expression - Chill Out
A1l Jackie Moore - How Is Your Love Life
A1m Lax - Saturday Special
A1n GQ - Disco Nights
A1o Fantasy (2) - You're Too Late
A1p Cheryl Lynn - Keep It On
A1q Carol Douglas - My Simple Heart
A1r Prince Charles And The City Beat Band - You Are My Love

Produced and mixed by the same persons of MASTER PRESSING and KING SIZE 1 & 2.

07 Feb 1981
Funk / Soul
Funk, Disco

Patrick Cowley / bobby orlando megamix

Medley: Patrick Cowley (18:13) aprox.

A01 Patrick Cowley - Megatron Man
A02 Patrick Cowley - Menergy
A03 Patrick Cowley - Lift Off
A04 Patrick Cowley - Get A Little
A05 Paul Parker - Nighthawk
A06 Paul Parker - Right On Target
A07 Patrick Cowley - They Came At Night
A08 Patrick Cowley - Goin' Home
A09 Patrick Cowley - Tech-No-Logical World
A10 Paul Parker - Right On Target
A11 Patrick Cowley Featuring Sylvester - Do Ya Wanna Funk
A12 Paul Parker - Shot In The Night
A13 Patrick Cowley - Invasion
A14 Patrick Cowley - Mind Warp
A15 Patrick Cowley Featuring Sylvester - Menergy
A16 Sylvester - Don't Stop
A17 Patrick Cowley - I Wanna Take You Home

Lado B:

Medley: Bobby Orlando (15:45) aprox.

B01 Bobby "O"* - Beat By Beat
B02 Bobby "O"* - She Has A Way
B03 Tony Baxter - Screamin'
B04 Bobby Orlando - I'm So Hot For You
B05 Flirts, The - Passion
B06 Flirts, The - Calling All Boys
B07 Divine / Bobby Orlando - Native Love (Step By Step)
B08 Hotline (2) - Fantasy
B09 Flirts, The - Passion
B10 Bobby "O"* - Step By Step (Try My Love)
B11 Flirts, The - Boy Crazy
B12 Waterfront Home - Take A Chance (On Me)
B13 Miss Kimberly - D.J. Girl
B14 Divine - Shake It Up
B15 Roni Griffith - (The Best Part Of) Breakin' Up
B16 Bobby "O"* - I Cry For You
B17 Claudja Barry - Work Me Over
B18 Flirts, The - Passion (Outro)

Notes (1984)

Editado por Gapul S.A.
Producido por Gapul S.A.
Edición Limitada

I Feel Love / Why Can't We Live Together

Donna Summer - I Feel Love (Mega Mix Trip 3) 14:20

Timmy Thomas - Why Can't We Live Together 7:30

Limited to 1500 copies.

Jul 1981
Synth-pop, Disco

The Revolution Megamix

A Various - The Revolution Megamix
Mixed By - Yannick Chevalier
A1 High Fidelity Three - Satisfaction 1:10
A2 Opus - Live Is Life 1:10
A3 High Fidelity Three - Satisfaction 1:00
A4 Topo & Roby - Under The Ice 0:53
A5 Carrara - Shine On Dance 0:51
A6 Opus - Live Is Life 0:12
A7 Valerie Dore - The Night 0:56
A8 Mike Rogers (2) - Just A Story 0:59
A9 Paradiso (6) - Paradise Mi Amor 0:43
A10 Gibson Brothers - Emily 0:55
A11 Creative Connection - You're My Heart, You're My Soul 0:51
A12 Valerie Dore - Get Closer 0:56
A13 Creative Connection - You're My Heart, You're My Soul 2:14
A14 Baby's Gang - Challenger 1:06
A15 Carrara - Welcome To The Sunshine 0:31
A16 Elegance* - Centre Ville 0:43
A17 Lucio David - Close To Me

Italo-Disco, Synth-pop, Italodance

Yannick Chevalier Présente Trans America

A1 Yannick Chevalier - Indicatif Trans America
A2 Yannick Chevalier - Jingle Trans America N° 1
A3 Yvonne Gage - Lover Of My Dreams 5:30
Written-By - D. Burnside* , G. Cooper*
A4 Yannick Chevalier - Jingle Trans America N° 2
A5 Lazer Rock* - The Ballad Of Mr T 5:49
Written-By - D. Burnside* , G. Cooper*
A6 Yannick Chevalier - Jingle Trans America N° 3
A7 R.S. Wet - Ready Or Not 5:22
Written-By - R.S. Wet
A8 Yannick Chevalier - Jingle Trans America N° 4
A9 First Love - Creole Lady Marmelade 5:50
Written-By - B. Crewe* , D. Burnside* , K. Nolan*

Animation D.J
Ces 4 titres sont présentés animés et enchaînés par Yannick Chevalier